Developer Reference

To support the scripting capabilities described in the user manual’s Implementing a custom tool in Reveal: scripting (PRO ONLY), this document points to extensive documentation about the source code of the entire Reveal Chromatography application and how to use it. The software was fully written in the Python language, which allows users to interactively script and easily reuse any and all of its components (data, computation engine, and UI).

It is important to note that Reveal Chromatography has only been developed using the best packages available in the Python ecosystem, such as SciPy and its ecosystem (Numpy, Pandas, ...) and the Enthought Tool Suite for the application structure. As these packages are open source and widely used, they are well documented, freely accessible, and supported by a large community of developers and service providers.

Users should Contact us if they have any questions about this reference, or to inquire about the ability of the Reveal team to develop custom tools or provide training to scientists and developers on scripting Reveal Chromatography.


The table of contents below provides links to

  • a document regarding the Reveal code organization,
  • a tutorial with examples using the Reveal Chromatography API to implement further analysis.
  • the automatically generated documentation for the Reveal Chromatography source code. A dedicated page is generated for each of the sub-packages under the kromatography package. That page is broken down into a section for each module in the sub-package. Within each section, every (public) class, method, and function is listed with its documentation.